About us

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Young at heart and raring to go: This is what define us…We are a young organization with young people at the helm, guided by the chief architect who has years of corporate experience in sectors like Banking, equity and financial services and the team whelmed by a industry veteran having donned various ads in corporate world.  What started as a quest for providing a platform to provide highest grade quality Training & Coaching to the students and aspirants of the community, has transformed into Pinnacle- the word itself signifying ‘SUMMIT’.

Mind you, we are not in the race to make quick bucks and hence do not believe in the cut throat pricing- stooping to ridiculous levels.Rather, when we talk of quality, we stress on number of ‘SELECTIONS’  not number of enrollments. We believe that there are enough number of prudent people like you who understand that QUALITY demands Premium and hence will be more than willing to subscribe to our view.