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Become a Google Certified Digital Marketer

Think Globally Act Localy

Modules Covered

Overview Of Digital Marketing

Here candidate will understand exact scope of Digital marketing.

Website Planning & Creation

Here candidate will learn how Digital marketing course will be helpful to create a website and pull

Social Media

Here candidate will how to convert our likes into prospects and prospects to conversion. How to build a brand on social media platform.

Search Engine Marketing

Here candidate will learn how making campaign on various searches. Deeply understanding the keyword planner provided by google.

Mobile Marketing

Here candidate will learn mobile marketing techniques and also how to create responsive website.

Search Engine Optimization

Here candidate will learn how to Rank Higher in Serach Engine With Advance SEO Strategies

Google Analytics

Here candidate will learn how to analyse the data By taking a digital marketing course candidate will come to know how to take complex decision based on data.

Online Display Advertising

Here candidate will learn how to Great Ad Creatives and selecting target audience who can be converted into prospective clients.

Email Marketing

Here candidate will learn how to write content for different emails, designing email templates, frequency of e-mailers to contact the prospective clients.

E-Commerce Marketing

The candidate will learn e-commerce marketing, how to sell the products online, how to make a brand presence and make a small thing big.

Lead Generation

Here candidate will learn various sources of lead generation and how to differentiate hot-cold and warm leads.

Content Writing

Here candidate will learn how to design different content for a different product line and for different platforms.

Internet Marketing Strategy

The candidate will learn various internet marketing strategies depends upon the product and services and their target audience also learn how to allocate budget depends upon the client requirements.

Affiliate Marketing

Here candidate will learn how to make money from affiliate marketing. Whom to target and how to select product and services for affiliate marketing.

Ad Sense

Here candidate will learn how entire Adsense work and which site has to be selected from Adsense suggested by google which will generate more revenue for clients.

Online Reputation Management

Here candidate will learn how to handle ORM, how to handle negative feedback and revert them with a positive attitude and make your brand reputation stronger on various platforms.

Freelancing Projects​

Here candidate will learn how making their own portfolio to be designed to acquire freelancing projects on the internet and will also help them to acquire local clients if they are interested.

Customer Acquisition

Here candidate will learn how to differentiate non-customers and get better ROI of your investments.

Blog Marketing

Here candidate will learn how doing blog marketing, how to develop marketing blogs for any company. What research has to be done before writing any blog and copyright issues.

Info Graphics​​

Here candidate will learn how to pick info graphics from google which can correlate with your products and services.

Google Webmaster​

Here candidate will learn where our website is performing low and where we have to improve as well as how to do competitive analysis.

Landing Page​

Here candidate will learn what the customer is looking for product and services rather than about us when he comes to landing page. The candidate has to understand as user’s mindset and base on data he/she can optimize the landing page.

Video Marketing​

Here candidate will learn how to design skippable Video ads as well as what type of content has to be developed which can be customer centric and build a brand of organization.

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